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DCWireNet has been helping clients to comfortably and successfully use their IT services, inside and outside their premises, for more than 25 years.

IT Services

It is said that 75% of problem resolution lies in proper problem definition. DCWireNet IT Support have been trained to provide the fastest possible resolution to your IT Support.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud is a set of services and technologies that enable the delivery of computing services over the Internet, in real-time, allowing end-users instant access from any anywhere

Web Design

Let’s face it; if you do not have a website, you’re not really in business. It is not only necessary to have a website, but that website has to tell your story in a visually attractive and verbally coherent fashion.

Search Engine Optimization

Having an impressive website is a good start. If no one knows your website exists, no one will benefit from what makes your website impressive.

Cloud Services

Google and Azure Cloud Services remove the need to manage server infrastructure, Google and Azure Virtual Network enables you to create private networks in the cloud with full control over IP Addresses, Google and Azure VPN Gateway enables you to establish secure, cross-premises connectivity between your Virtual Network infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office and Office 365 give you access to the programs you need to work, play, and stay connected. From the power to create documents and presentations, to the ability to design database apps and stay in touch via email, Office simplifies the way you work online, and off.

Network System Setup

Most of us use networks every day. If your office uses a wireless router to distribute Internet connectivity, that’s a local area network (LAN). All of your stuff office can access the connectivity. If your LAN is not secured, so can your neighbor or that strange guy outside your office using his laptop!

Smart Home systems

We design and install Smart Home systems. Home automation technology allows you to control various facets of your home from anywhere via a Wi-Fi connection through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

About us

For more than 25 years, DCWireNet has been a leader in providing outstanding Information Technology (IT) outsourcing solutions. We offer a series of alternative IT outsourcing solutions to small to mid-sized businesses as well as the necessary IT services to support both in-house and outsourced systems. We can often eliminate the need for in-house IT departments.

We understand that it is difficult to find effective and professional outsourced IT Support Service. The alternative of maintaining a full-time IT Support Services team is both time consuming and expensive. DCWireNet can save your business money, upgrade your IT Infrastructure and capabilities while providing a trouble free IT Service and Support experience.

DCWireNet delivers technical solutions that enable our clients to flow with today’s technical and internet realities. Our consultants and engineers are highly skilled, knowledgeable and have extensive experience in bringing cost-effective solutions to your business.

Latest News! DCWireNet is proud to announce that we have arranged with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for us to provide our clients with the latest and most technologically advanced Server Cloud product available today.

Our mission

It is said that 75% of problem resolution lies in proper problem definition. DCWireNet IT Support have been trained to provide the fastest possible resolution to your IT Support. To accomplish this, our IT Support staff will request the customer’s assistance to help “troubleshoot” and properly diagnose and define the problem. This diagnostic process enables our it support staff to identify the system part that may have failed so that a replacement part can be provided. This can often be done remotely by the customer making the system available to our it support staff. IT Service and Support
Today, a website is like your salesperson who promotes your business to next level and constantly gets more leads for your business. There must be, therefore, a detailed plan behind the design of a site before you make it live on the Internet. Website design is not an easy task, although most don't realize it, there is more to designing a web page than might at first be apparent. Website Design.
DCWireNet replicates all of your software, programs and data onto a series of off-site servers. (This is the essence of the Cloud!) Unlike the basic server you might have in your facility, these servers offer total redundancy so that if your ‘virtual’ server fails, a twin ‘virtual’ server takes over so that the server switch is totally seamless and you, the user, are not aware of the failure. You access your desktop via the Internet and have complete access to everything you would have had on your desktop as though the network server was in your facility. You log onto the site, key in your username and password and you’re ready to go Cloud Computing